Prove Up Program


The Executive Officer has authorized a Program where members can earn the chance to get $1000!

He would like to emphasize not just new members but those new members proving up and getting involved in the Chapters.

Every first line signer from Conclave to mid October should work with their new member to get them to "Prove Up" which means to return their obligations.
Every young man who proves up is an entry for that first line signer into a chance to win $1000 in DeMolay Credit. It can be used for events, D-Store or other costs with approval relating to DeMolay
Every young man who proves up, is also eligible to bring in their friends and enter into the contest as well. There will be a drawing every 3 months.
Advisors can log on to eScribe and record the dates of when their members prove up. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!!



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